Lance Rynearson

Lance Rynearson

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Lance Gregory Rynearson


Clare, Michigan


August 28th 1986


Midland, Michigan


Beaverton, Michigan


Technology, Architecture, Music


Lance Rynearson is the founder and manager of multiple businesses, an active entrepreneur, and a passionate advocate for mid-century modern architecture and design. He started his DJ business, Rhythm Management, when he was 14, and has since grown it to a couple hundred shows a year throughout Michigan. Always looking to expand his professional influence, Lance has launched several other businesses, including DCTree, a marketing business that serves over 35 companies monthly. All his businesses promote forms of art that are enabled by technology and creative innovation, an intersection that defines Lance’s professional interests. Inspired by the art-making and forward thinking of local world-renowned mid-century modern architect Alden B. Dow, Lance fulfilled his dream of residing in an Alden B. Dow home from 2016-2019. His appreciation for authenticity and the story behind objects led him to restore and redecorate the home with period-true pieces. As the town of Midland, MI began to recognize the rich architectural tradition it boasts, Mid-Century Modern Midland was formed to identify, preserve, and celebrate the city’s artistic and structural heritage. Lance has been involved in moving the organization forward, including creating a database for cataloging all qualifying homes in the city as well as a Mobile App for iOS and Andriod. His drive to contribute to worthwhile endeavors has also prompted him to participate in the ongoing updating of technology in the newly-renovated Beaverton Activity Center in his hometown of Beaverton, MI, a warm and caring city he is proud to support. He is a dedicated proponent of adoption, geek culture, and persisting through setbacks.




P.O. Box 2342
Midland, MI 48641
Phone: 888-335-7635 ext 701